Sunday, bloody Sunday

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Running Gods have taken someone else from me today. Today they took a friend of 35 years. I met Andrew in 3rd Class and we have remained firm friends till this very day. Andrew died in his sleep, assisted by a bout of pneumonia. When I spoke to him last week he was trying to put some cash together to spend Xmas with us in Switzerland.

Friends Until The End

by Stef Knudsen

We used to talk

We used to laugh

We were best of friends

I thought that's how it would always be

You taught me so much

Told me exactly what to say

I wish it were still the same

But someday I know it will

Maybe not today

But we'll meet up again

It won't be long until I see your face

In Heaven that marvelous day

Fucking hell !

Local and/or General

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have been running, so I am guilty of failure to blog. My excuse is getting my house ready for sale. That's all done now and ready for you to buy it. [Uses Jedi mind trick] You know you want to ...

Last Sunday morning I ran about 8km in the park. With my tender shins I stuck to the grass/dirt and took it easy. They felt a tad dodgy afterwards, so I had to ice up. I also ran Tuesday for 5km and I think I'm on the improve. All to do with streeetching the calves for me.

Here are some pics that will appear in the house advertising.

Pulled the plug

Saturday, May 17, 2008

So sanity prevailed an I'm not running the half. Better that I take it easy and get a couple of uninterrupted months of running under my belt, rather than risking further injury.

I just got back from walking the dog in Queens Park and I reckon it could nearly snow out there. Best of luck to those lining up in Hyde Park early in the morning, brrrr.

Second thoughts

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have been harbouring a secret. My shins have been sore for the past week. Yesterday I went for a run at 4.30am (yikes!) and the shins were sore to the touch all day. Yes tight calves are the culprits and possibly too many kms on my shoes. All fixable in the short term, but it makes me wonder about Sunday's SMH.

My heart says yes, but my head says no. My heart got me into trouble before Canberra when I stupidly ran 30kms of hilly coastal stuff, when I had only been running flat stuff for many months before that. That stuffed my hip and put me out of the Marathon.

So I'm leaning towards being sensible and bailing out of 21kms of slapping the road on tender shins.

What to do ...

A long weekend

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I took Friday off so I could have a solid three days of painting much of the interior of my house, readying it for Auction. That allowed me to scoot out on Friday morning for a 30 min run around Centennial Park. All good there, no dramas to report.

This morning I left early for a run down to Coogee and then home via the Coastal Park to Bondi. I admit I was a little pooped at the tops of some of the hills, but recovered quickly and I think I finished in better shape than I started.

I need to get in two runs this week of at least 5kms each before Sunday. I'm thinking that I may even have to run them both in the morning before work as I'll be painting (amoungst other things) every night this week as the photographer is booked for Friday. Argh !

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Still plodding along

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Apart from a little doms after the weekend, I pulled up feeling good. Since then I've ran 5kms twice and intend to run 15km on the weekend. Add a couple of runs midweek, that should have me right for a slow 21km @ SMH next Sunday.

My bib and chip arrived last night and it was a pleasant surprise that I don't have to head over to Town Hall to collect my kit this year. I'll be running with CRs TOH & Beki and am very much looking forward to an easy run around the course and a catch up with everyone.

Randwick Ritz

Saturday, May 03, 2008

12km | easy

I was feeling like my old self this morning. No wheezy lungs like midweek and feeling strong in the legs. Frankly it felt great just to be out there and whilst I'm very much underdone, I got through the 12kms without too much effort.

I did a lap of Centennial but got bored after that, so I took the Randwick exit and ran past the Race Course, up High Street to the Spot and then home. Happy days.

The raising of Gronk

Thursday, May 01, 2008

"He called, "Gronk, come forth," and Gronk came forth, alive, and was again among his friends. And so Gronk went for a run, and behold, it was very good."

Yep went for a run people. Wasn't as good as it sounds really. I was very wheezy but managed 20 mins around the block. Feeling good though, with no niggles (der). Half Marathon in 18 days. Hmmm.....

I other news I just bought a new house ! Without telling you exactly where it is - I could host the Striders Clovelly Canter STaR in my front yard. Sounds like a cunning plan, I could hand out paint brushes. ;-p