Sunday Run

Monday, January 31, 2005
Left home 6.00am. Clovelly Road to the Beach, then the coastal walk to Bronte, Tamarama and Bondi. I certainly felt underprepared and tired running through Tamarama and up to Bondi headland. As I reached the steps into the park near the Iceburgs, I dreaded the 50 or so treds and then the almost verticle pathway up to Bondi Road. I pressed on and slugged my way up Bondi Road, through the Junction and home. The "easy" run was 10.20km in 1h 18m at a rate of just over 7mins per km. Its a tough run for me. Must be at least 70% up and 30% down. Gotta be good for you ....

Dribble (Part 1)

Sunday, January 30, 2005
After Thursdays Colonoscopy (yes, too much information), I took Friday and Saturday as rest days. Managed to lose 3kgs in the process and feel like crap. Need to re-hydrate and get some food in me ASAP. Today on the CR forum was an eventfull day. Horrie and a few others were of the opinion that my base was OK to run the SHM 1/2M on 22 May. So not being one to walk away from a challenge I decided to set it as a goal. My mate down in Albury also confirmed that he'll run the Nail Can Hill Race in Albury, thats 1 May.

Australia Day

Thursday, January 27, 2005
Met a bunch of Cool Runners b4 the race at Centennial Park. Lined up with about 4/500 entrants at the start/finish line only to find that my practice run on Sunday over the course was run in the wrong direction ! Doh ! Anyways, course looks the same either way. On the gun (or shout go ! I think) the surge took me towards the first hill. I knew that I was chugging up way too fast but that seems to be the way I run races. Too fast too soon. CR Johny Dark zipped past me at the top of the hill about 3/4 through the first lap, as did half the other entrants. Finished the first lap feeling OK and took on the hill to Paddington gates the second time a little more sensibly this time. CR Pelican overtook me with about 3 km to go and vanished quickly in the crowd. Finished lap 2 in a final time of 41.13 official time (41.04 my watch, banner to banner). Average pace 5.13 min per km. Considering all the hills, quite happy with that.

Ready Set Go !

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Well I thought that I'd give this blog thing a go. Not a bad way of keeping tabs on my running progress. News to date Started running 1st May, 2004 after a mate issued the challenge to run the Sydney City to Surf. Hence the start of my running (plodding) life. Races completed (just) so far are:- 2004
  • Bay Run (7km) 40:49
  • City to Surf (14km) 94:11
  • Sydney Bridge Run (10km) 59:50
  • Nike "Your the Run that I Want" (10km) 57:31
  • Central Coast Fun Run (9km) 45:21
  • Medibank Private Aust. Day Fun Run (8km) 41:04
Watch this space ....