Friday update

Friday, November 30, 2007

Whilst I haven't blogged all week, I have been running.

Tuesday I ran 5km on the soft sand at Bondi Beach.

Thursday I ran down to Bondi and back (about 8km). That was a battle and a half. My legs were heavy and after a long day driving a desk, my brain was even heavier. Heading up the coast in the morning to my Dad's place in Umina Beach and then up to The Entrance for the half on Sunday. Should be fun.

Adios Amigos

Darling Harbour

Saturday, November 24, 2007
17.32km | LSD

Just perfect running conditions this morning. Mild temperatures and light drizzle greeted me as I set off just before 6.00am.

I had no real plans of where I was going and decided that I'd just head towards the Opera House and see what happens. Once down there I saw that they had barricaded off much of the forecourt because of the Australian Idol final tomorrow. So I diverted towards the Quay where the impressive Rhapsody of the Seas was docked. From there I wandered over to Darling Harbour, through to Chinatown, Central Station and then up through Surry Hills and Centennial Park to home. I felt really comfortable all the way and am feeling good with no niggles to report. Looking forward to the CCHM next week, athough I won't be racing it. Just going up for a plod and hope to finish it in a tad under the 2 hour mark.

Hyde Park

Thursday, November 22, 2007
8km | easy

I ran tonight along Oxford Street through Paddo & Darlo to the City and back. It's a nice easy run which doesn't take too much effort. So just my style.

Lots of people about tonight and all of them seemed to be drunk. Must have been a full moon or something.

Bondi @ night

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
5km | soft sand

I'm getting bored easily of late, so I headed down to Bondi for a play in the sandpit for a change. I had the beach to myself and there was a nice sea breeze and the sand was cool on the feet.

After a few laps into my 5 lap run the legs were feeling weary, the sand was feeling softer and deeper than usual and I swear I was running on the one spot for a while there. Towards the end there was a lone sax player sitting on the sand in the dark playing something slow and moody. Very nice.

Gronk by the Sea

Saturday, November 17, 2007
14km | Easy

I headed out this morning with the aim of checking out the Sculptures by the Sea and clocking about 16/17km in a buildup to the CCHM. So I shot down Coogee way to extend the normal loop from my place to Bondi and back. Stupidly it turns out that I only ran 14kms. Doh ! Anyway it was a great run only the crowds near Tamarama (yes there were 100's of punters at 7.15am !) were a bit of a pain. I ran out of water around Bondi Beach so the run up the hill was a dry affair. A fun morning nonetheless.

Goals you ask Tesso ? I think that injury prone old codgers like me ;) need to enjoy getting out there as much as they can. My track record suggests that I may be benched with a torn thingamajig at any time, so I'm not planning too far ahead to be honest. My focus is Canberra in April and let's hope I can get there without too many interruptions.

Dead man running !

Friday, November 16, 2007
5km | easy

I finally got out for a run last night. For the past two weeks I've had some sort of a virus that makes you feel like you've been hit by a truck. Not a flu type of virus with cold like symptoms, but just feeling like crap. Headaches, shortness of breath and sore joints were the go for almost 10 days.

Anyway, with that near death experience behind me, I dashed (?) out last night for 5km. It felt good to be out there and I felt quite zippy actually. Well you would after 2 weeks off, wouldn't you ?

As I said in CoolRunning, this time off has dashed any plans for me to race the Central Coast Half in two weeks, so I'm just going to run it as a LSD. I'll try and run 15km or so this weekend and maybe 18km next. That should be enough to get me through a half in under two hours.

Striders - Lane Cove

Saturday, November 03, 2007
10km | Race | 48:34

My energy levels were pretty low last night and this morning. So I was thinking that a sub 50 might not happen today. Even a few minutes into the race I was feeling pooped. Luckily I found a bit of rhythm after a while and found myself about 45 seconds ahead of 50 pace at about the 5km mark (notwithstanding a shoelace malfunction halfway up scribbly !).

I managed to pick up a little time on the downhills after the 6km mark and held it until the finish. Happy with that except that I couldn't hold onto the half a dozen in the pack I was running with. I lost them with about 1.5km to go and it looked like they all finished about 500m ahead.

5km Tempo

Friday, November 02, 2007
5km | Moderate

I ran my usual 5km loop only in reverse for a change. Plodded the first third, ramped it up for the middle bit and then cooled down for the rest.

My ITB was tight and I stretched it when I got home. Now I've got a sore hip this morning !

Striders Lane Cove is on in the morning. I'll be there chasing the 50:00 pacer again. My plan is to make it up to the top with the pacer and then bring it home hard to come in under in 48:XX. Fingers & toes crossed.