Runner uninterrupted

Friday, August 31, 2007
5km | easy

Yes runner uninterrupted. Very good Ewen. My program had be down for 25m last night. In a bizarre delusional moment of granduer I concluded that I could run my 5km loop in that time. Yeah right.

30:05 later I was home, very puffed yet satisfied. Looks like it will be a fair while before the fitness returns.

Looking forward to running amok in the Olympic precinct on Sunday with the little fella.

A runner again ?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
R15, W2, R15

Whilst I have been getting out there for the past week or so, it hasn't felt like I was really running. These walk breaks don't really allow you to get a sweat up and you don't get any of that post run feeling of satisfaction.

Last night it all seemed to come back to me. Conditions were perfect singlet weather and after hanging about in the backyard with the kids watching the eclipse, I ducked out for a spin around the block.

Geeze it felt good. I ran the hills with determination and tackled the flats with some speed (well compared with my dawdle pace of the past few weeks it was speedy). I'm still quite unfit and the 2 min walk break actually came in quite handy, but I can feel things improving and came home feeling really "up". Very much looking forward to Thursday when I drop the walk breaks and get to run uninterrupted for the first time.

Sunday Run

Monday, August 27, 2007
R12, W2, R12, W2, R12

My return from injury program had me running for 36 minutes all up with walk rests and that was a perfect hitout for my 8yo son Jackson who will be tackling the Fathers Day 5 with me next Sunday.

Yesterday was Car Free Day at Centennial Park and it was such a beautiful afternoon and a real pleasure to be out there. Jackson did well however the last few minutes of each 12 minute block was difficult for him. I'm thinking that the 5km next week might be a tad beyond him right now, so we might have a few walk breaks in the race like we did today. That way he can complete the race without it being too strenuous. After all enjoyment is the key.

By this time next week I will be running without walk breaks of around 30 minutes. Very much looking forward to my first uninterrupted run of 25 mins on Thursday night. Yay. Meanwhile, I've got a little ping in my left knee. Sort of under my knee cap. I feel it walking mainly. Not a biggie, doesn't really hurt, but it's there anyway.

Puffed !

Friday, August 24, 2007
R10, W2, R10, W2, R10

My program had me doing more a little more running and just a little walking last night. I set off and ran my usual 5km loop at a slow and steady pace. The first Km is up a steep hill and I was pretty pooped by the time I got to the top. Just shows how fit I really am right now.

I got through the course OK and without incident, so all good in the longrun. Saturday has me running for a whole 12 minutes without stopping ! Happy days LOL.

Tired but running.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
W2, R8, W2, R8, W2, R8

I had a looong day in the office today and between you and me the last thing I wanted to do was kit up and run about in the cold. Of course you can't let these feelings of intense apathy rule your life. So after dinner and book reading with the kids I headed out for a quick spin.

Stupidly I ran capless.

Yes for some reason I can run through blizzards and hurricanes with my cap on and feel 100% protected from whatever nature can dish up. However throw me out there without my cap and I feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Of course 1 minute into my run the heavens opened up. Yuck. My hair was soaked and water was in my eyes.

Not happy. Very ugly. Very cranky. ;-)

Nice weather for ducks (and boys)

Monday, August 20, 2007
W3, R7, W3, R7, W3, R7, W3, R7

My Sunday run was planned for the afternoon and I was taking Jackson with me. After all he has to run 5km in two weeks, so he needs to get the legs used to it all over again. He should be OK considering that he has a footy season behind him now. The only problem was that The Bride wasn't keen on Jackson going out in torrential rain. So we worked on her for while and soon kitted Jackson up in cap and spray jacket to keep him warm.

We headed over to Centennial in heavy rain and basically had the park to ourselves. My program had me doing 3 x 3W/7R and we jogged that at a very slow pace. Jackson was meandering up and down the path and splashing through each and every puddle he could find. He was having heaps of fun and it was taking his mind off any fatigue that may creep up on him.

We ended our program OK but found ourselves about a KM away from home (yeah I have no idea), so I made an executive decision that we would add another 3/7 leg to the run. Jackson was feeling OK through the last bit although he did struggle in the last 400m or so. To his credit he ran it all the way to home and jumped straight into a well earned warm shower.

I have much of the same type of runs this week, only with the run times increasing up to 2/12. Can't wait until I'm able to scoot down to Coogee and run the coastal path up to Bondi on a Sunday. That's my goal for a month's time.

Walk / Run

Thursday, August 16, 2007
W5, R5, W5, R5, W5, R5

Not sure if I'm a runner who walks or a walker who runs right now. What I do know that its very boring but feels good to be out in the fresh air.

I'm not one to usually feel the cold, but that was before I ventured out tonight dressed in just shorts and a singlet. That might be the appropriate attire when you're running 10km, but I now know that doing this walk run thing, I'll need to rug up next time I'm out at night.

Sunday I'm due for a 3 min walk, 7 min run regime (yay) and will be taking Jackson with me. We need to get him into shape for the Father's Day 5 next month. I downloaded the course map for the race it it looks like fun, as we run down the straight at the Athletics Centre and also through Testra Stadium. Oh, and I also ordered him his own CR cap this morning. ;-)

Stress head

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
W10, R5, W5, R5
Yeah I was suppose to start on Sunday. However Sunday somehow became Monday which became Tuesday.

I'm now a runner again (although it felt like I was only trying to be a runner last night).

What have I been doing ? Working hard and chasing after kids basically. A bit of spinning a few times a week has been keeping the weight down, although I have put on 1.5kgs since Canberra.

Over the next 7 weeks I am doing the Pfitzinger Return from Injury Program which should prepare me for a big month of racing in September. Jackson and I will be doing the Father's Day 5 @ Olympic Park and the 4km Bridge Run @ Sydney Marathon Festival.

No running or racing goals with be thought of until I have a solid 3 months of running under my belt. It's good to be back.