Sahara Run

Thursday, November 30, 2006
5km | soft sand Talk about windy ! Down at Bondi last night the winds were coming directly from the east at about 50km/h. The usual chopped up sands were blown smooth with only small ripples remaining. The only footsteps on the entire beach were mine, but were soon blown away by the time that I had returned to complete a lap. The legs went to jelly quicker this time around as the sand was loosely packed much like powder snow. Tough going when your feet sink down to your ankles. I felt pretty good and my left archilles seemed to have healed up from a weekend scare - it was car free day on Sunday at Centennial Park and I spent an hour on my Son's razor scooter chasing him around on his bike. That left my archilles very tender and on ice with anti-inflams for the past few days. Happy that it's all resolved. I was worried on Monday that I wouldn't make Sunday's race, it was that bad. Mood: --->

Opera House

Saturday, November 25, 2006
18km | moderate | 95:00 I managed to get out of the house just before 7.00am this morning did one of my all time fav runs into the city to Bennelong Point, then through the Botanical gardens. It was an especially beautiful morning and I was feeling pretty spritely as well. The pesky calf seems to have settled down and hardly talks to me now. Communication has been reduced to the odd whisper when trudging up the odd hill. My only (small) niggle is a sore shin, but that's from where the car door closed on me during the week. Ouch. I ran with my fuel belt and two 400ml bottles. It was hot out there and I tried to have at least 200ml every 5kms or so. By the time I got down to the Opera House I was feeling pretty good (well most of it is down hill I guess) but I was restricted in running up the stairs in my usual Rocky style because of the Australian Idol temporary stage and surrounds. I wandered around trying to find a way through to the gardens and was eyed by a few security gorillas. One guy then walked into my path and asked my what I was doing. "Running" I said as I did a Brad Fittler right step around him. Yeah like I look like a terrorist ! Idiot. I managed to find my way to the other side by running around the waters edge and soon found my way into the gardens, had some more water and popped a gel. It was one of those crappy ones from Coles called "PB". It was gross but it did seem to do the trick and I zipped up the long haul hill up Bourke Street from Woolloomooloo to Taylor Square. I was making good time and was thinking about my goal for the CC 1/2M next Sunday. I did feel pretty good today - the first time for ages - so I might try and go sub 100. I did manage to go sub 100 at Blackmores in September, so its certainly doable. Trouble is that I'm not as fit as I was then I don't think. If I just do my best and have some fun at the same time, that'll do me. On the home leg I came across Plu and Virtual chatting at the Darley Road gates of Centennial Park. Virtual was telling us about his preparations for the Coast to Kosciusko run in two weeks time. Its an incredible run over some 240kms or more I think. You know I can dig Ultra Runners and how they may set off on a all day run through the bush. But to run non stop through the night for over 24 hours is just super human stuff. I wonder how you train your body to stay awake for all that time ? I don't think I could do that. Too lazy I think. Need my sleep. No run tomorrow as I think that the old legs need a rest. Mood: --->


Friday, November 24, 2006
5km | soft sand Whilst I am Bloglines no mans land and nobody out there knows if I have posted or not, I decided that I would include a big wave clip for my own enjoyment. It's from a movie called Billabong Odyssey. Not quite the surf down at Bondi last night. Oh my god is it huge or what ? I ran the usual 5 laps of the beach. It was tiring on the old legs and the last lap reduced them to jelly. Still, lots of fun. Seeing that I am baby sitting rather than getting as full as a boot at CoolRunning drinks tonight (the Bride has a Xmas drinkies scheduled for this evening as well and I owe her big time so I gladly volunteered), a long run is scheduled for Saturday morning. Mood: --->

Aussie Stadium loop

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
10.5km | easy I didn't get out until after 9.00pm last night and decided to run out towards Aussie Stadium then into the Junction to make up about 10kms. The legs were feeling OK but I was feeling the hard concrete as I ran down towards Randwick Racecourse. It reminded me of the unforgiving pathway that is the Central Coast 1/2M on Sunday week. Hmmm. I found it tough going for the back half of the run and the last KM or two were particularly grueling. I know I cant expect much after a 12 hour day and running with a belly full of dinner, but all I can do is compare myself to how I was say 6 months ago. Basically I am feeling very flat but on the improve, I think. No running tonight (well who would want to run in 30 odd temp) but I will head out on Thursday night. Part of me says I should run on the sand to save my legs and part of me says that I should get out on the road to harden myself up a bit. Not sure what to do really. Maybe one leg on the sand and the other on the concrete will work. Mood: --->

Finally a run !

Sunday, November 19, 2006
15.5km | grass Many people say that all things happen for a reason. Well I would like to know the reason why it was deemed necessary that I would have the most frustrating and interupted past 3 months I have had for ages. Since about August I have had obstacles place in front of me time and time again. Now that my calf injury is out of the way, this week should have been full steam ahead. Rather its been nothin but work and family commitments cropping up at the last minute that has prevented me getting out there. Today, finally I was able to find the time for myself. Look not complaining (much) but it was starting to get under my skin. So today I managed to squeeze in 15kms which was not enough but I didnt have time for a longer run. I ran it steady but am so unfit ! Today's 15km felt like 35km ! With the CC 1/2M in a fortnight, I have never been so unprepared for a race. Argh. So hopefully this week I will be able to run all week without interuption and get a long run in on Saturday morning. Then at least I can run the half reasonably confident that I wont crash in the lake or something. Not shooting for PBs thats for sure, just getting up there and enjoying the day. Mood: --->


Wednesday, November 15, 2006
5km | soft sand More of the same last night only 2 more laps than last week to make it 5kms all up. No complaints from any bodily parts to report. I confess that I do have a lower back/upper glute strain. I doesn't restrict my running thankfully. True story: I put my back out last Saturday whilst reaching for my wallet with my seat belt on at a red light whilst on the way to buy a car. LOL. Mood: --->

Coastal Path

Sunday, November 12, 2006
16km | Easy I left this morning a little before 6.00am on what was a still mild morning - perfect running conditions. After reading a thread on CoolRunning about maximising your fat burning by running on an empty stomach , I ditched the usual pre-run snack and expresso and stocked the fuel belt with water only. I headed off to Randwick and got down to Coogee just as the first planes were coming in over the beach after the curfew. No sleeping in for the residents of Coogee it seems. From there I ran north along the Coastal Path through Clovelly, Bronte and Glamarama. The Sculptures by the Sea has been on for the past week and it was great to see them scattered through the park behind Glamarama and up over the headland without thousands of rubberneckers in my way. I selected half a dozen which would look great dotted over my farm in Berry (er, dream on Marty). I started to tire at about North Bondi. It was getting hot and my pesky calf also had a little winge there too. So I dropped off the pace and just ambled home. Thankfully running at the slower pace the calf issues ceased. I will have to learn to listen to my body and ease up on the hills and stairs until the calf is 100%. Other than that pretty happy with everything. After breakfast my son & I had heaps of fun down at Bondi testing out his new boogie board. Great recovery for tired legs. Mood: --->

Park run

Saturday, November 11, 2006
7km | easy | grass It was easy to jump out of bed early today on such a beautiful morning. I was quickly dressed and ducked across the road to Centennial Park for a spin on the soft bits. No niggles to report but I did have to stop and stretch both hip flexors a few mins into the run. These babies have been getting a bit of a workout over the past few weeks with the realignment that Larry the Physio's exercises have been doing. Thankfully they settled down once stretched and warm. Nothing else to report other than there was a mega pro cyclist overtaking the regular packs like they were standing still. He had all the pro gear too. Solid white back wheel and one of those glossy white helmets that are pointed at the rear. Ahh, I love the smell of EPO in the morning. Mood: --->

In the sandpit

Friday, November 10, 2006
3km | soft sand Still on the comeback trail, I shot down to Bondi for a quick spin in the sand. My legs were feeling a little fatigued after two consecutive runs on the road (yes I'm soft I know) so a run on the sand was just what the Doctor ordered. I ran strong without any pings (or pongs thanks Tesso LOL) and enjoyed the run. Only problem was that the sand was freeeekin cold and after 20 mins or so it felt like I had been running on snow. Brrrr. I plan to run 7kms on the grass on Saturday and then do Coogee to Bondi via the coastal path loop on Sunday (15kms). If I survive the weekend then I will be back to where I was before the calf injury, wherever that was. Mood: --->

Another little run

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
5km | moderate I have been very stressed at work of late and arrived home with tight shoulders and even tighter neck. Boy was I looking forward to a run to de-stress (sp) the body. I ran the usual loop and ran it pretty hard compared to my usual bludge pace. Almost zero niggles (apart from a tiny "ping" every now and then) meant that that I could run it hardish in an attempt to exorcise the work demons away. It worked OK and I arrived home puffed but feeling that I managed to release the pressure valve for today anyway. Mood: --->


Sunday, November 05, 2006
5km | easy Well not really a duathlon, but it was p*ssing down in Centennial Park today when I went for a run. Yes that's right a run ! Phew. It's been a long time between drinks. :) Nothing else to report other than to say - I have no niggles today. Mood: --->