50 days to go until ...... I'm Runinnnnnnng

Friday, June 22, 2007

Evermore - I'm running.

Cheer squad confirmation...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well I had an MRI and its a low grade stress fracture.

See you all in the Spring !


Friday, June 01, 2007

Not a huge amount of news on my front. The leg is still sore when I put a load on it but it has improved a tad in the last 48 hours.

I spoke to Larry the Physio a few days ago (congrats on the baby girl mate) and I agreed to see him some time next week. We might take advantage of the time off the road to fix a few niggles that I have been hiding of late.

This morning I headed down to a Maccas type medical practice in the city to see what they can organise on the x-ray front (would you like a MRI with that order Sir ?). I was privileged to be allocated a Dr who more than likely got his medical degree on Ebay. He proceeded to tell me that runners only get stress fractures in the metatarsals and only anorexics would get them in the tibia. Yeah thanks for that Doc, you get the NFI Award for today.

Anyway I left the surgery with a referral to a Radiologist who will apparently do an MRI for $300.00. I'll ponder over the weekend if I should get one done. If I continue to improve over the weekend I probably will do it with a hope that I can start back on the road sooner than the 12 weeks (worst case scenario) hiatus.

On the fitness front I haven't done much this past few days other than spin twice for 25 mins each session. I aim to build that up to 4 sessions a week for an hour a piece. Other than that I have been doing push-ups and crunches each morning and the normal leg stretches.

I really hope its not another 10 weeks out of running or I'll go insane. Is there a support group for injured runners ?


Fat Friday !

Weight last Friday: 80.2kgs

Weight today: 80.2kgs

Comment: No increase after a slack week is OK by me.