The week that was ...

Friday, February 29, 2008

Week 9 of 15


This is a slow week. A week for rest and low k's. So I did a slow 5km around the Junction. Right ITB and top of quad is cranky.


10kms @ 10.00pm was the go. Was very lethargic (der) and was running half asleep, evidenced by the fact that I crossed Bondi Road without looking and a car beeped me. Oh dear. Didn't tell The Bride about that one !


Another 5km around the village. Nothing to report. ITB & quad still cranky although on the improve with a nightly beating by the marathon stick. Might get a massage next week.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Week 8 of 15

30km | 3:21:23 | LSD

So I decided that a long run was more important than running the Striders Equalizer Sunday. No brainer really. I need the base.

I headed out the door a tad before 7.00am and my plan was to run down to the Opera House, then run the City to Surf route down to Bondi and home (plus a bit more to make up the 30km if required).

Whilst down Rose Bay way I bumped into CRs Blkbox & Beki. Hey guys. Blkbox asked me if I saw the Queen Victoria when I was down at the Quay ? Nup. Would you believe that that biggest cruise ship ever built was down there when I was at the Opera House and I don't think I looked left ? *rolls eyes*

I won't lie and say that this run was easy. There was few times that I wondered when the hills would end. Quads were burning and the hips were doing it tough as well. It also got pretty hot at the back end of the run and the haul up Bondi Road was simply torture.

Anyway, another one in the bank. No niggles. All good.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Week 8 of 15


Ran 6km locally. Legs were cranky.


Ran 2km warm up, 8 x 250 hills JR, 2km warm down. Went OK. I should be timing these it appears. Might do that next week.


Ran down to North Bondi Surf Club and return. 10km all up. It was a clear sky except for one particular cloud that seemed to follow me around and rain on me. I took it as a helping hand in the humidity rather than an impediment.

Not sure what I'm up to on the weekend. I'm due for another long run but also want to run the Striders 14km Equalizer on Sunday. I don't think (no, I know) I shouldn't do both.

Also there is a bit of a germ fest happening at home with The Bride and kids all sniffling and coughing. So I half expect to be doing the same within the next 24/48 hours. Fingers crossed that I survive the impending viral onslaught.

Big Top

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week 7 of 15

30km | 3:15:31 | grass

I've been running the odd long run on the grass of late and thought that if I was going to bump up the k's to three oh this week, then it best be on the soft stuff.

So basically I just ran round and round and round Centennial Park. Which I found a total bore !

To make it worse the Park was in disarray because of the Good Vibrations Festival being held today/tonight. Kanye West is headlining apparently. Lots of white tents, high fences and gorillas with walkie talkies.

I found the last few kms a struggle. I just wanted to go home. These are the demons that talk to you and make running only a few hundred meters from home for 3 hours so hard. Anyway it's over, in the bank and I have no serious niggles. All good.

Hump Day Hills

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Week 7 of 15

2km | 8 x 250m JR | 2km

So I got out for a run again on a Wednesday. Go me. Of course I'm not running tonight because of VD so I'm not actually adding a extra running day to my week, this week. That will have to wait until next week. Maybe. Yes, the easy life of a part time runner...

Anyway, I selected a gentle Queens Park Road for my hill reps comeback. I ran a loop around a block or two and then ran each rep at moderate pace. I also made a conscious effort of dropping my hands lower than their usual position - something that CR Rags mentioned to me whilst running up one of those SOB hills at Lane Cove the other week. I think it helped too.

I felt like crap the first two reps and battled with the demons to keep going. Thankfully I forced myself to do the 4th and then felt good enough to run the 5th and so on. The remaining reps weren't really that bad and I finished in better shape than I started. Go figure.

Geriatric 5km

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Week 7 of 15

5km | easy

Yeah I felt old last night. No specific niggles to speak of but my legs and body just felt tired. I guess the left hip was a bit creaky when I think about it.

I'll have a longer run tonight but will have to miss Thursday as it's Valentine's Day. The Bride might chase me about with the rolling pin if I attempt that. ;)

La Perouse

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Week 6 of 15

25km | LSD | 2:28:21

It was pissing down at 6.15am. I mean big fat drops and lots of them. Footpaths were streams and roads were rivers, well not quite - but you get the drift. A little water wasn't going to stop this intrepid runner so I kitted and lubed up and set on my way. Lubed up ? I had vaso between the toes, bodyglide on my nooks and sportsshield in my crannies. I had so much lube on that I felt like Des Renford ready to take on the English Channel. LOL

Apart from the rain (which I lurve actually) I was feeling in the pocket. No niggles and full of energy. I bumped into CR Anne Victor along Doncaster Ave. She was heading out to La Perouse as well but she suggested that I go ahead because I was a very fast runner. LOL thanks Anne thats both you and my 6yo daughter who think that I'm a fast runner - but hey I'll take it !

I bumped into Anne on the home leg out Little Bay way and I trundled my way home from there. Nothing else to report other than a little niggle in the left achilles at times but I worked out that it was due to the camber in the road (running against the traffic my left foot is higher than the right) so I tried to run on the footpath where possible. Must remember to avoid the camber when I run Canberra.

Happy days !

Hump Day

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Week 6 of 15

11km | Easy

As predicted I didn't get out the door until 11.30ish. I wasn't keen - but ya gotta do wocha gotta do sometimes.

Very tired today. Zzzzzz

6km Junction Loop

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Week 6 of 15

6km | easy

My program had me down for 4 miles. Did that in light rain. Was very tired and mentally drained from a long day driving a desk and putting out a bunch of unexpected spot fires, so no world records broken. ;-p

I'm adding a Wednesday run and aim to start tonight. The Bride has an industry networking thing on however, so it will probably end up to be a late one after she gets home.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Week 5 of 15

30:00 | Easy

Just a lap and a bit around the horse track on the soft stuff this morning. I felt pretty good and the occasional drizzle made it quite pleasant to be out there.

I saw 3 young girls running together all with Eloise Wellings type nanna socks. Must be cool these days I guess.

Sydney Striders 10km

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Week 5 of 15

10km | Race | 48:50

It was either that I forgot how tough the Lane Cove course is or I'm kidding myself that I am anyway near to my fitness level of last year or so, but I really found it hard work today.

I ran ahead of the 50min pacer at the start and watched the 45 min pacer disappear into the distance by the 1st KM. I was feeling OK but I found the hills a struggle and was basically stuffed by the time I reached the 5km marker in 24:XX.

I was joined about them by non-strider Jennifer and she kept me honest for the trip home (and surprise PB for her !). I think lots of hard races like this is what I need to get fitter and hopefully the running gods will allow me an uninterrupted Striders 10km Series this year. I'm thinking that my Wednesday run might be allocated to hill reps as I've been pretty lazy for way too long - evidenced by my effort today.

All good though and very happy to just be out there. :)

It's oh so quite

Friday, February 01, 2008

Week 5 of 15

Nothing much happening here. No run on Wednesday because my toe hurt. Last night I was kitted up at 7.00pm only the running gods decided to put on a 2 hour lightening show. By the time it was safe to contemplate galavanting about, I was quite settled watching the TV with The Bride.

At least I'll be fresh for Striders in the morning.

Just on the sore toe, Dr Ewen diagnosed gout. Wikipedia says that it effects mainly men between ages of 40-50 (tick), usually attacks big toe in 75% of cases (tick) and " more common in affluent societies due to a diet rich in proteins, fat, and alcohol." (oh dear a whole bunch of ticks there). Hmmm you might be onto something there Ewen...